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Post-abortion check-up

It is advised that you get a post-abortion medical check-up three weeks after an abortion. This is to make sure that you have fully recovered from your procedure.

A post-abortion check-up normally involves a blood-pressure check and an examination of your abdomen (tummy). Internal examinations are not normally carried out. The doctor will:

  • confirm that the pregnancy has ended (pregnancy tests can show a positive result for a while after an abortion)
  • check your bleeding pattern is normal and there is no infection
  • assist you with your contraceptive needs

If your method of contraception failed or didn’t suit you, your medical check-up is a good time to discuss it, and possibly try a new method. It is usually better to wait until after your check-up to have sex again.

If you do have sex, it’s important to use a condom because you can become pregnant again, even before your next period. If you have never used contraception before, your doctor can help you choose a method that is right for you.

You can also discuss contraception with your GP or family planning service.

Abortion aftercare service

Free medical and counselling services are available in Ireland for women who have had an abortion abroad. These services are funded by the HSE Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme.

The counsellors and doctors working in these services are experienced in supporting women who have had an abortion. Services are free of charge to all women, regardless of their age, income or where they live.