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Support for men

When a crisis pregnancy happens, the focus is often on how the woman is feeling, but men are affected by a crisis pregnancy too.

Even if you have a good relationship with the pregnant woman, you may be shocked and upset or feel that you don’t know where to turn for support or information.

Men sometimes feel that they have to bury their own feelings to be a strong support for their partner. You may be worried about how you will cope as a father, how you will manage financially or how the baby will affect your relationship with the baby’s mother.

If your relationship with the pregnant woman is difficult or you are not together, you may feel shut out.

You may disagree with her about what to do next. You may also have questions about where you stand and what your rights are as a father.

Crisis pregnancy counselling is not just for women. If you have concerns or questions around a pregnancy, such as financial worries or questions about all of your options – parenthood, adoption or abortion – an appointment with a counsellor can help you get through the difficult phase.

Men affected by crisis pregnancy can get free counselling support. Men can also get free post-abortion support. You can find a list of crisis pregnancy support services here.

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