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Crisis pregnancy counselling

After you have called the service you want to attend, you will be given an appointment. Some organisations have a drop-in service, where you can call in without making an appointment. Your counselling session will take place in total privacy. Each session usually lasts about an hour.

A counselling session will give you:

  • time and space to work through your feelings about the pregnancy
  • support in dealing with the shock and distress you may be feeling so that you can move on from the crisis
  • the opportunity to discuss your choices – parenting, adoption and, if requested, abortion
  • help in telling your partner, friends and family if you need it
  • practical information on your rights and entitlements, and the supports available if you’re in education or if you’re working
  • referral to other helpful services such as GPs, medical services, supported accommodation services or specialist adoption agencies if you wish

The counselling services listed on this website offer HSE-funded crisis pregnancy counselling that is:

  • free – there is no cost to you
  • non-judgmental – the counsellors are there to help, not to judge.
  • non-directive – counselling is designed to support you and give you truthful information to help you make the decision that is best for you, without trying to influence you
  • confidential – what is said in a counselling session is confidential*
  • specialised – counsellors are trained to help their clients and have experience in dealing with all kinds of issues relating to an unplanned pregnancy

* In certain circumstances, where there is a concern for a person’s safety, counsellors may have to break confidentiality, for example, if someone was at risk or in danger.