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Resources and sources of support for parents or carers

For parents of children under the age of 12

Talking to Your Young Child about Relationships, Sexuality and Growing Up

A resource to help parents talk to their young children about the basics of relationships and sexuality. It includes an information booklet for parents' use and a story booklet ‘Tom’s Flower Power - A gentle explanation of how babies are made’, which can be read to their children.

Busy Bodies Adolescent Development

For parents of 10-14 year olds. Used in 5th and 6th class in primary school or in 1st year of secondary school. It contains basic information on puberty and human reproduction.  

Order your free copy of the booklet and DVD here.

The Stay Safe Programme

This is taught in most primary schools and has a section for parents here.

The Underwear Rule

A simple way of teaching children about personal safety from the NSPCC in the UK.

Research about supporting parents communicating with children aged 4–9 years about relationships, sexuality and growing up

A summary of the findings of the 2017 study of parental attitudes to talking to their children about these topics.

For parents of children over 12

Advice for Mams and Dads: Tips for Talking to Older Teenagers about Relationships and Sex

For parents of older adolescents. It contains information for parents on talking to their children about relationships and sex. Download your free copy here.


HSE website to support teenagers make healthy decisions with regard to relationships and sexuality and to help parents, teachers and youthworkers have the necessary conversations with young people in their care.

Information and support for all age groups

Relationships and Sexuality Education – Going Forward Together

An Introduction to Relationships and Sexuality Education for Parents. The Department of Education and Science has produced this booklet to inform parents about the RSE programme in schools.

The Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) curriculum and support materials for primary schools are available at here. RSE is taught within the context of the broader Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) curriculum. For details see here.


To promote the safer use of the internet by children and young people through providing information and awareness to them, their parents and their teachers.


National organisation supporting young LGBTI people and their parents.


National organisation supporting Transgender people, including young Transgender people and their parents.

Parenting courses and support

National Parents Council – Primary

Runs workshops for parents on talking to your child about relationships and sex. Call 01 8874475 or 01 8874481 for more information. They also have a helpline number: 01 887 4477.

IFPA - Speakeasy

A course for parents on talking to your child about relationships and sex. Also Speakeasy Plus for parents of children with a disability.


Runs courses about parenting teenagers in schools, community groups or places of employment. They also have a confidential helpline offering support, guidance and information for parents and guardians Tel: 1890 927 277. For more details see www.parentline.ie or call 01 878 7230.