National Condom Distribution Service Terms and Conditions

In accessing the NCDS, you are agreeing to the following:

1. That your service is a recognised, established service engaged in an aspect of sexual health promotion or sexual health service delivery within the Republic of Ireland. In accessing the National Condom Distribution Service (NCDS) you agree that condoms and lubricant sachets received by you and your service will be disseminated within the Irish Republic only. 

2. That your service provides sexual health promotion activities and or services in accordance with Irish legislation, tax legislation and in addition, complies with Children First legislation.

3. That the condoms and lubricant sachets are for distribution to the respective agency’s patients/clients only. This may be in a one-to-one setting, an education/training session or in a public venue as part of an outreach campaign/intervention.

4. That the agency will not sell or charge your clients/patients for the condoms and lubricant sachets that you receive free from the NCDS.

5. That when disseminating the condoms in a one-to-one or education/training setting a health intervention will take place with your patients/service users.

6. That when disseminating the condoms as part of an outreach campaign or a public health intervention work, the person distributing the condoms will endeavour to provide sexual health information, for example, printed information on HIV/STIs at the same time.

7. That you will inform all patient/clients that the NCDS condoms ARE NOT LATEX FREE.

8. To monitor the expiry dates on the condoms you hold in store and not disseminate condoms with a shelf life less than 12 months before the stated expiry date on the condom foil. Condoms with a shelf life shorter than 12 months can be used for information/demonstration purposes only.

9. To store and handle the condoms and lubricant sachets in a manner to prevent any damage to the foil packaging; to dispose of any condoms and lubricant sachets that are damaged in any way.

10. You agree to respond to any queries or complaints your service may generate by distributing condoms and or lubricant sachets distributed from your service.

11. On receipt of your order of condoms and/or lubricant sachets you are responsible for checking the condom and lubricant sachet foil packaging to ensure it is not damaged prior to distributing to your patient’s/service users. If the products you receive are damaged please do not distribute them and notify the HSE Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme (SHCPP) Communications Manager at

12. You agree to provide a yearly report to the HSE SHCPP on the use of the condoms and lubricant sachets received from the NCDS.  The reports will be submitted to the HSE SHCPP Research Assistant in February per year using the NCDS report template.

13. Organisations accessing the NCDS products will make the HSE SHCPP aware of any promotional or media initiatives and will reference the HSE SHCPP, as the provider of the condom and lubricant sachets across promotional channels. For events, services ordering from the NCDS will provide an outline of planned promotional opportunities to the HSE SHCPP at least 10 working days in advance of the event and/or will notify the HSE SHCPP on the commencement of an initiative. When planning events and promotional messaging, services will agree to provide prominent visibility of HSE branding on online and offline promotional messages and resources. Please contact for further information.

You accept that your application to participate in the NCDS will be removed if any of these Terms and Conditions are breached.

Additional Information

Health information complimentary to international best practice guidelines

  • Quality testing marks, e.g. British Kite Mark and European CE marks.
  • Best before date/expiry date.
  • Storage risks, e.g. store in a cool dry environment – don’t keep in direct sunlight.
  • How to put on a condom, preventing airlocks, don’t roll on wrong way around etc.
  • Not to be used with oil based products – only to be used with water based products.
  • Condoms may only be used once.

For more information and video clips on condom usage, please link here see a video here or more information can be found on the Man2Man website here.