Testing and monitoring while you're taking PrEP

Once you have started PrEP, it is essential to monitor for HIV and STIs, and check your kidney function on a regular basis.

Although side effects are rare with PrEP, the clinic monitoring will help to identify any potential problems at an early stage.

After 1 month

If it is your first time taking PrEP, you may be offered an appointment after 1 month. This is to make sure you are okay with the medication or if you need any more tests or vaccinations.

Every 3 months

Every 3 months you should have a:

  • ‘4th generation’ HIV blood test
  • test for other STIs
  • blood test to check your kidney function

Every 12 months

Every 12 months you should have:

  • hepatitis C test - it may need to be done more frequently depending on your circumstances