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Crisis Pregnancy Counselling Skills - A Practice Guide 2015

Crisis pregnancy counselling involves the giving of time, attention and respect to a person faced with a crisis pregnancy. The role of a counsellor is to help the woman to explore her options in ways that respect her values, personal resources and capacity for self-determination. The aim of crisis pregnancy counselling is to ensure that the pregnant woman has a full opportunity to make a reasoned assessment of her circumstances and options in order to facilitate her in reaching a decision.

The ‘Crisis Pregnancy Counselling Skills – A Practice Guide’ is a resource used by crisis pregnancy counsellors in providing a quality service to women faced with a crisis pregnancy. The manual (2015) has been reviewed and updated from a legal and counselling point of view and also includes fully updated contacts sections. It is now available in an easy to use and accessible online format for all those working in the area of crisis pregnancy.

The practice guide is informed by current good practice in the field of crisis pregnancy counselling. In parallel it meets the requirements of the Sexual Health & Crisis Pregnancy Programme’s mandates and is guided by the requirements set down under the Regulation of Information (Services outside the State for Termination of Pregnancies) Act 1995 in relation to the provision of information in relation to abortion services. The manual is not just directed towards women; it recognises that fathers, parents, friends and others, including service providers, play key roles and require support.

The practice guide and associated ‘Certificate in Crisis Pregnancy Counselling’ training build on the existing skills of counsellors working within their agencies’ own code of practice/ethics and aim to add value to their current skill-set. The training is now in its 8th year and over 100 staff from HSE and HSE funded crisis pregnancy services have completed the course. The Practice Guide continues to be used by students attending the training.

View the ‘Crisis Pregnancy Counselling Skills – A Practice Guide’.

Further information about the Certificate in Crisis Pregnancy Counselling training is available here.

If you have a query in relation to the ‘Crisis Pregnancy Counselling Skills – A Practice Guide’, please contact the Programme’s Funding Officer on 01 814 62 92 or email janice.donlon@hse.ie.

A copy of the Regulation of Information (Services outside the State for Termination of Pregnancies) Act 1995 can be obtained here. See section 12.5: Protocol on The Abortion Information Act for an outline of the Act’s contents.