Policy development resources

Resources for policy development in sexual health promotion for health, education, youth and community professionals.


‘Working safely and effectively in sexuality wellbeing – developing policy and guidelines’ is a series of 4 videos developed in collaboration with the National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI). The information in the videos applies beyond youth work settings.

The phrase ‘sexuality wellbeing policy’ is used within the videos to emphasise a positive and expansive approach to promoting all aspects of sexuality development,  however organisations may decide  that the term ‘sexual health policy’ is more appropriate for their work.   

1. Introduction to sexuality wellbeing policy

This video looks at what is meant by policy and procedures. It outlines the rationale and benefits of having a sexuality wellbeing policy. It also explores the links between policy and the vision, mission, ethos, values and principles of an organisation.

2.Approach to developing a sexuality wellbeing policy

This video addresses the steps involved in developing a sexuality wellbeing policy, including:

  • creating a policy working group
  • reviewing current work
  • doing a needs assessment
  • drafting and piloting the policy
  • ratifying the policy
  • monitoring the implementation of the policy

Approach to developing a sexuality wellbeing policy (Video, 9 minutes)

3.Framework for a sexuality wellbeing policy

This video looks at potential headings for a sexuality wellbeing policy and the type of information you may need to include in the document.

Framework for a sexuality wellbeing policy (Video, 10 minutes) 

4. Legislation and sexuality wellbeing policy

This video provides an overview of legislation (as of Sept. 2023) related to relationships and sexuality issues.

Organisations will need to consider current legislation at the time of policy development and take specific legal advice as necessary.

Legislation and sexuality wellbeing policy (Video, 14 minutes)

Sense and sexuality manual

Sense and Sexuality 2.0 is a support manual for youth organisations developing a sexual health policy. It provides a comprehensive framework to develop and implement support structures for sexual health work with young people. However the broad principles of policy development and much of the information will be of interest to those working with other population groups.

The manual was developed by the NYCI with funding from the HSE Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme

Download Sense and Sexuality 2.0 (PDF, 7.7 MB, 116 pages)