Contraception for women over 35

There are lots of contraceptive choices available to women.

Your choice will depend on:

  • if you want to have (more) children
  • your health
  • your personal preference
  • if you need to be protected from sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • how heavy your periods are
  • how susceptible you are to hormone side-effects

Your health

Irregular or heavy periods?

If you have irregular or heavy periods, some contraceptive methods can help with these, while other methods may make them more severe.

Oestrogen-based contraceptives can stop you having irregular periods. They can also help with hot flushes and reducing vaginal dryness.

Progestogen-based methods can help reduce heavy periods.

Do you have any health issues, such as being overweight, smoking, having high blood pressure or diabetes?

Are you taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?

Ask your GP about all of the contraceptive options available.


Some methods of contraception, such as the long-acting methods cost more to start off with but are better value in the long term. Many of the more expensive methods are subsidised by the Drugs Payment Scheme. This means that you won’t have to pay the full cost.

Talk to your pharmacist about enrolling on the Drugs Payment Scheme.

Remember – only condoms offer protection from most STIs.